Founding Date: 33 ADE

Founder: Jesus Christ

Location: Middle East/Israel

Sacred Text: Bible

Religious Leaders: Priest, Bishop, Cardinal, Pastor, Pope

Christianity Beliefs

Christianity believes that the man Jesus Christ was the son of God, died, and resurrected himself to save mankind. Judaism and Islam acknowledge that Jesus was a great man or prophet, but they will not see him in this light. To Christians, the death of Christ is more significant than the birth, partly because simple birth does not separate him from any other human. The rising after his death makes him truly special to Christianity.

Christians believe in the Holy Trinity. This means the God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are intertwined and the same. This is not polytheism because just like water all three forms are the same essence. Many people outside of Christianity do not see this.

Christianity also believes the Jesus will come again. This will signify the end of the world and Judgment Day will start. There are many minor differences between the many types of Christianity. To go into each specific case would be fruitless.

Lastly, many Christians follow the motto “Creed before Deed.” In many types of Christianity, a good deed or repentance from a sinful act must be given merit through a priest. An example would be if a person would sin against another person, the sinner could do good things for the sinner upon, but a priest must acknowledge that this act of repentance was able to atone for the sin committed.