The history of Islam starts in the area that is now called Saudi Arabia. A man named Muhammad was working as a caravan leader. Muhammad was always known as a thinker and sometimes when the pressures of the violent world that he lived in got to him, he would retreat to the desert and sit and ponder life in the caves.

According to Islam, one time when Muhammad was in a cave, the Angel Gabriel came to him. It was at time that Allah (God, or Yahweh), revealed him plan for Muhammad. Muhammad was given the holy Koran to spread. The area that Muhammad lived in was polytheistic. The religions of Judaism and Christianity did not penetrate into this area. The time period is 610 AD.

Muhammad went back to his home in the city of Mecca and started to spread the word that he was told. Some people enjoyed and loved the fact that there was a merciful God that would forgive them and also reward them. Mesopotamian religion was very depressing. Evil was punished, but good living was not rewarded. The views of the afterlife were very sad.

After awhile, the city of Mecca was becoming violent for him and his people. Muhammad and his band left for the city of Medina where his word was accepted.

For the next 300 to 400 years conversion to the religion of Islam was quick and productive. Again, people enjoyed the fact of a merciful afterlife and life of observance. By 1000 AD, the majority of the Middle East and Northern Africa had converted to Islam.

In 1096 Islamic and Christian interests came in conflict with each other. Christian pilgrims wished free passage through to the Holy Land since this area in the Middle East is where Jesus lived and performed his miracles. The Muslims of the area did not like the thought of having to open their area to strangers. They also did not like the fact that a man (the Pope) hundreds of miles away could attempt to boss them around.

Islam Beliefs

There are 7 core beliefs that every Muslim share:
1. Belief in one God (Allah)
2. Belief in angels
3. Belief in the books of God (Koran)
4. Belief in prophets
5. Judgment Day
6. Humans will be judged by actions on earth
7. Life after Death

The Muslims believe that the universe is Muslim. In their opinion, Allah established all the laws of nature and matter; therefore, they have already surrendered to him. The only things that have not surrendered to Allah are Jinn's. Jinn's are the supernatural. They can be good or evil

Human beings were the only animals that didn’t reject the opportunity to have free will. Because humans were up to the challenge and privileges of choosing free will, they are the only animal in the universe that can be judged for their actions.

In other words, if a human being kills another human being there must be a high moral reason for it so they are not punished. Animals can kill at will because they are lacking of free will. Their actions can never be considered evil.

A human’s world is always challenged by one particular Jinn, this Jinn refused to bow to the humans were Allah told him to. This Jinn told Allah that humans will grow to disappoint him. The Jinn and Allah had a bet that humans will not disappoint him. The name of this Jinn is Shaytan (Satan). Shaytan attacks humans at the animal stage so they will fail and disappoint Allah.
Major Sins according to Muslims Virtuous deeds

Idolatry                                                              Speaking the truth
Stealing from orphans                                     Being good to your family
Adultery or fornication                                     Honoring your parents
Disobey parents                                              Charity
Collecting interest on investments                 Feeding the poor
False testimony                                               Fighting injustice
Murder/suicide                                                 Freeing slaves
Enslaving the free                                           Studying and learning
Slander/gossip                                                Being kind to animals

Muslims do not believe that humans are born with original sin like Christians. They do believe that there was an Adam and Eve, but they did not sin for all mankind. Unlike Christian hell, which is eternal, Muslim hell does exist, but it is a place to purify the soul. So there is a chance to leave hell once your soul is treated for all the evil deeds you did on earth. Muslims do not believe there was original sin. Mankind is not held responsible for the actions of Adam and Eve.

The Trinity cannot exist like Christians believe. Allah cannot be divided; therefore, he could not be himself, his own son, and a spirit.

Daily Life and Worship

According to the Muslims, your actions do not need someone to say you are forgiven. You are judged by your deeds every day. From what I can conclude, if you do something really bad, then as long as you do many very good things, it should balance out in the end.

The Muslims are required to do five things. These things are called the five pillars
1. Believe in one God (Allah)
2. Daily Prayer. Five times a day
3. Charity
4. During the month of Ramadan, fasting is required from sun up to sundown
5. Hajj: A pilgrimage to Mecca once in your lifetime.