Founding Date: 2000-1500 BCE

Founding Area: Mesopotamia

Founder: Abraham

Sacred Text: Torah

Place of Worship: Temple

Religious Leader: Rabbi


When Judaism started, it was a very unique religion. Back in ancient Mesopotamia, all the other cultures were polytheistic. Judaism was the first monotheistic religion. The Jewish people did not believe that the world could be polytheistic. Their major argument with this was if these two gods were totally against each other at every step, then how were they able to create anything. This is a reason why the Jewish people believe that there can only be one God because otherwise there would be complications at every decision.

The Jewish argument why Jesus can’t be the son of God because God holds no human body and God cannot be a man. Also, the Trinity of the Christians violates this belief even further because the Holy Spirit is considered a go-between. The Jewish people believe that they can talk and pray to God directly.